Welcome to Dr. Mehta's Hospital

Dr. Mehta's Hospital is the culmination and realisation of a longstanding dream and mission of a group of like- minded individuals "to provide quality medical care at affordable rates with a human touch."
The ultimate vision is to make available locally all those super speciality medical facilities presently not available in Tanzania.

This will save the lives of both the privileged and less privileged members of our society including those who cannot travel abroad for specialised medical treatment.

Dr. Mehta's Hospital is an innovative, effective, trustworthy and caring Health Service Provider with an easy accessible location from all parts of Dar es Salaam, the business capital of Tanzania.

Dr. Mehta's Hospital is popularly known for its intergrated state-of-the-art medical facilities coupled with a caring team of highly competent experienced and dedicated doctors, nurses and paramedics.

We have successfully provided comprehensive end-to-end multi-speciality quality care at affordable rates to thousands of fellow Tanzanians in the last seven years.

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